Friday, May 04, 2007

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It seems forever since I blogged anything stitching related........that front has slowed down somewhat as I've been involved in revamping our back yard.

Today's mail delivered this "colour discharge" postcard from Karen S in Iowa.
Entitled "Shadows" I think the feeling of depth is great.
I wish she'd come visit and give me some lessons!

On the stitching front,I'm still finishing off my "inchies" for the Textile Challenge swap........not feeling too enthusiastic about them and will probably never tackle them again as I find them too small and fiddly.

I'm also working on some needle felting..........originally my piece was to be for the needlefelting challenge group ,but I have a feeling it may end up as postcards for the Embellisher postcard swap.

On a more practical note.......I've been making tablecloths .........and I'll be blowed if I can get four matching mitred corners.
Back to frogstitching for the umpteenth time!
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Anonymous said...

That card is stunning, if you can get Karen S here for lessons, please put my name down :)


Vicki W said...

What a beautiful carad!