Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The bare bones

.......of the project,would have to be the path running the length if the house.
I couldn't imagine anything worse than a sterile STRAIGHT path............how many straight lines does Nature tolerate?
I hoped to convey a path ,a creek bed wandering through vegetation.
Luckily the Landscape Supply company had green treated pine ,that with the use of stakes we were able to bend into soft curves.

(No,I didn't do the heavy work,a very patient BarryP did that.........and after a couple of attempts we achieved a pleasing shape.........
My idea is to have pebbles and pavers within the frames and varied vegetation grouped on both sides.

In the lower picture is one of the major joys of the yard........a Poiciana(regis?) in our neighbour's yard which helps produce such glorious shade foliage and flowers in Summer.
With Winter just about here it will be interesting to see how the garden copes

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