Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Backyard Blitz

In mid February,this is how our garden looked'(with the addition of many pot-plants from our previous home.)
For some crazy reason I wished to create a small,lush oasis as a foil against the outside world.
Okay! We're in Drought!
Level FIVE water restrictions apply.........

BUT,having spent most of my married life being "water conscious" due to relying on rainwater tanks for all my house and garden needs,I reckon I can do it.
The first and third pictures show the back (eastern) side of the house.
The middle pic is of the northern side where there 'was' three paw-paw trees,a citrus tree and a very SAD herb garden.

My proposed plan is to not only extend a patio area on the eastern side,but where the herb garden is now,add another outdoor living area.
So..let the "fun" begin!

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