Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Day Six

Seven a.m. this morning I realised that I hadn't photographed yesterday's results.

This is taken from front of house.....

Lomandra and Zanadu have been planted on the right,and mulched,and gravel has been laid in the area bounded by "the coffin" aka proposed vegetable garden and the dining room.
Behind that is the two surviving paw-paws and the slab for patio extension.

In a day or so,we'll consider laying some pavers in the gravel,and decide whether we like the effect,or not.

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Calidore said...

Wow - the landscaping looks fantastic. Want to come and do some for me.....wicked grin. It will be lovely when all those plants are grown - a very private, tropical retreat. Can't wait to see more photos.

Gerry said...

What a great job you've done. I love the path and the inset stones. It looks like such a peaceful, secluded area. ENJOY!

Bird on a wire said...

Where are you in Qld I don't remember it ever being so dry when I lived there. I thought the east coast of OZ had missed the draught,