Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Day 34: Fabric 'n fibre postcards


Okay,I'm sneaking in a bit early, but tomorrow may be hectic so I'm doing the post "early" in case Life gets in the way.

Back on day 30 I blogged a couple of attempts at "crystal balls" in preparation for a swap on Fiber Arts Traders,a Yahoo group I mentioned before.

I was happy with the resultant 'balls',but wondered why I had added such clunky,clumsy bases!

The solution?
Why ,frog-stitch the bases, and add smaller better balanced looking ones of course!
Hmmm........surgically removing heat fused fabric ,factor in that you have purple or orange on a rather light background,and the task is not easy.

To cut a long story.......the "clunks" were excised,and smaller bases added;

Then,on the card that was "I see Australian mail"
I added some fabric envelopes;
On the card that was "I see a cat in your future"
I added a cat face.

Oh I used Australian stamps in both the balls; and on the whole, I'm glad that I did a little corrective surgery. Posted by Picasa

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