Monday, September 18, 2006

Fabric n fibre Postcards: Day 32

Now that I know they've made it through the postal system,meet two of my Carnival themed postcards!

They look familiar? You're right!
Back on September 5, I introduced you to my
"Masked Reveller" which was a journal quilt for the Australian New Zealand Art Quilters group.

Both the cards and the quilt were made using heat fusible webbing for the applique; Both the cards have metallic fibres and Angelina held in position with an overlay of tulle,and both cards feature a chunky "gem" above the mask.
I had great fun making these.....should have made a couple more. Posted by Picasa

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Helen in the UK said...

They are a lot of fun!! Like your idea of the tulle to enclose the more fragile elements :)