Friday, September 22, 2006

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day 36


I KNEW I should have blogged before spending another four hours attacking the garden!
(All I want now is a hot relaxing bath to ease some aches)
So this will be brief!
Photographs and photo printing.

Yes,I did mention it on both Day 4,with VivianK's "Golden Ears Mountain" and
Day 10,with my "fractured landscape"
but what about printing and using one of your favourite you as a kid,or your Mother (or who ever?)

I generally print on white/off white homespun that I have previously washed to remove sizing,and then dunked in BubbleJet Set liquid(Available from Ozecraft Lace & Dye) or if I have no BJS,I use a fabric conditioner,(much cheaper too!)

If I'm using the cotton homespun,I've found that if I iron the fabric to heat fusible paper-backed webbing the photo is then ready to trim and apply to Timtex/whatever immediately and saves an extra 'handling' of the fabric.
Don't forget to heat set (ironing) the photo after the inks have dried.

note; This method (i.e. using heat fusible on paper backing) does not work with silk!

You really need to use a fabric carrier sheet if you are attempting to print on a fine silk fabric........I learned this the hard way!!

Apologies,but I have no pic to share with you at the moment.

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