Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day 37

After reading my daily dose of inaminuteago this morning,I realised how little beading I've incorporated into the cards I've made.

I wonder if this is because the themes and numbers needing to be made within a certain timeframe are causing me to drift away from my love of hand work and CQ.

The two cards featured today have a little beading,but none of the bead trails I normally like to add to my CQ blocks.

The white card,based on a Haiku has only a few small Swarovski crystals to represent hail stones.

The black and gold card by MarianneB of Postmark'dArt has tiny gold Delica to tie in with the gold stitchery and pictograms.

Some points to consider as you add beading to postcards is the "threat of the postal (bead) munching machinery"!
"But",you say "I've had my postcard hand cancelled"
That's well and good,but,trust me,at some stage your precious card will be subjected to some amount of machinery processing,so.............

add an extra stitch or two,to firmly anchor the beads;
don't make your bead trails too chunky or clunky;
REMEMBER to keep the thickness of the card to one quarter of an inch;
and consider adding a layer of fine (bridal) tulle as an added protection for the beads.

Seed beads,Delica beads and plain and twisted bugle beads in the shorter lengths(size 2 & 3) seem to travel well.

Go have some beading fun. Posted by Picasa

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Helen in the UK said...

Thanks for the beading tips. I like the black and gold card - the kitty looks very cheeky :)