Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fabric and fibre postcards: Day 31


I had hoped to show my attempts at Stitch-and-Fuse Binding
but I spent too long improving my crystal balls.
This time I heat fused the fibres and cut them to a circular shape,which I then placed behind the clear plastic with a sprinkling of star shpes between the two layers.
I also appliqued a better shaped base for the ball.
On either side of the ball I've stitched hand outlines holding the ball.

Now,if you'd like to try the stitch n fuse binding......
You'll need one strip of your binding fabric measuring 1x13inches and
another strip of 1 x 10 inches,.

You'll also need paper backed heat fusible webbing cut to one strip of 1/2 inch by 13 inches
and another being 1/2inch by 10inches.

The webbing is fused on the wrong side of the fabric and along one edge.
The two resulting strips are then cut in half.
With the right(picture) side of card facing you,centre the non fused side of the fabric along the long edge and stitch a quarter inch from the edge.Remove paper from webbing and fold strip over to reverse of card,pulling it firmly to position.Press to fuse.
Repeat for other long side and trim binding to 6 inches.
Repeat similarly for the shorter sides.

For myself,I think satin stitched edges are quicker!
Try it and see what you think!. Posted by Picasa

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