Thursday, May 24, 2007

From the archives

Using light weight water soluble solvy
(At the time I knew of no other type)
some examples of needle-lace/trash-bag quilting:

Discarded threads and thin slivers of off cuts of fabric were laid over a layer of cold water soluble Solvy.
The fibres were stitched together to form a "fabric"/lace;It was then placed in cold water to dissolve the Solvy,leaving a new fabric/lace (call it what you will) which I used as CQ embellishment,and for fabric and fibre postcards.

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Calidore said...

For heavens sake stop tempting me...I have so much to do now I don't know where to start - and those pictures of the needlelace are soooo beautiful I'm just itching to try it. Darn I shall just have to finish up everything else so I can play guilt free. Thanks Maureen - you're a gem...I think....wicked grin.