Thursday, May 24, 2007

PSI for Fiber Art Traders.

Remember the film a few years back...."Super size me" ?
Well, PSI (or Plus sized inchies") are slightly super- sized Inchies ;
These are 24 1.5 inch squares that left me today on their way to the USA.

With my recent run in the last six months of four or five packages apparently never reaching their destination I can only hope the postal pixies behave this time.
My colour scheme for this series was basically midnight blue and silver.........

So,how did that rusty pink square slip in?
I wanted to try enclosing an Australian stamp in Angelina film and I only hadsome "desert sunset sparkle" left.

By the way,Fiber Art Traders aka FAT celebrates it's second birthday today.
Happy birthday to Nj (the List momma) and all the others who have made this such a caring,sharing MAD place.

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