Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday's play

After comparing notes with Phyllis on how she fabricated her lilies over on machine_needle_felting,I thought I'd try for myself.

Using 4X Dissolv (cold water soluble stabiliser) I needle punched some wool roving into a piece of commercial felt.
Of course,I didn't check to see whether I should have hooped it all first,did I!
Because the 4X is a fairly heavyweight stabiliser I didnt bother,but in retrospect think it may have made life easier.

After cutting the petal shapes (I was planning on making a Fringed Lily) I gave the petals a "wash";
squeezed out the excess water and then placed each petal inside a teaspoon to try molding some shape into them.

Whilst they were drying (not fast enough to keep me happy)
I fabricated a background by needle-punching more wool rovings into a nappy liner:
All I was after for the background was a vague sky and meadow effect.
Small amounts of red were added as (contrast) meadow flowers.

Next I needle punched this background to a lightweight Timtex......and that's about where it is at this point.........waiting to be completed.

Other efforts today involved paint.
For the past week my Jacquard paints,a couple of nappy liners (I dont have a more upmarket name for them,sorry!) some Lutradur and some Tyvek have been waiting for me to play.

The nappy liners were done for ' I have some background fabrics at hand ready to go.

I also thought I'd quickly sneak in some sun printing, taking advantage of the bright sunny day;
fools rush in.........!!
I forgot half of what I should have done.........when the breeze blew the leaves off the fabric,
guess who remembered she hadn't dug out her old piece of netting...........

Tomorrow,hopefully the weather will be great again and I can attempt to do the printing properly!
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Micki said...

Even if you feel you didn't go about it quite the right way it looks great to me.

Adrian said...

As soon as I saw it I thought of Impressionist art. I think it is beautiful!

Helen said...

It is like an Impressionist painting Maureen. I love it.
Now for a big ask. Would you please be able to post pics of samples of Timtex, Tyvek and Lutradur please?
I have heard of them but have never actually SEEN them before. You can tell I don't get around much hey?LOL

Helen said...

Oh, I forgot to ask Maureen,Which one of the above is used for stiffening in postcards and ATCs?