Monday, May 21, 2007


Three postcards ready for travel!
Three are needle felted and hand embellished;the fourth was an experiment.

The second card showing the pheasant ? peacock ?
(I'm not really sure what it is) .........was constructed using a paper cutout I purchased in Beijing back in 1999.
At the time I found these cutouts,I had no idea how or what to use them for!

A week or so back I purchased some Misty fuse------
so,using a dark mottled green for background I placed a small piece of black Misty Fuse centrally.
Over that went the bird;and covering all I used some black bridal tulle.

Baking parchment over it all protected the various bits as I fused all together with the iron.
Some machine quilting to anchor the Angelina and outline stitch around the bird.

Next time,I'll take more time and care and do a better job of outline stitching the bird.

For least I have an idea how to finally use my Beijing purchase!

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Jane said...

Oh, they are all just beautiful!

Sandie said...

Maureen they are all just gorgeous, you are so clever with what you create!