Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day 40


Recycling !!
What about recycling the labels you cut off your clothing?
The colours and company names can make for an interesting "collection" for a fashionista friend.

Then again,those garment/fabric care labels removed from clothing and manchester could be used in a similar fashion.


Frederique said...

The link does'nt work for me, but the idea is great !! Recycling labels, like these old quilts, made with cigar labels, in silk.
Thanks for your visit on my blog, and your comment in French ! And yes, it's not always easy to quilt inside a quite small sailboat, but I push my husband on the very side of the table, and the rest is for me!!
See you.

Helen in the UK said...

Link didn't work for me either :(

Di said...

Nor me I'm afraid.

A friend sent me a pc using the selvedges off fabric (what we normally cut off and throw away!). She used the colour legend and manufacturers name and she called it'Designer labels'. Will send you a picie.