Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day 43

Bird's nest:
About two years ago ,at one of our weekly SnB sessions Shasa introduced me to birds' nests---Using a bowl to save the snippings and off-cuts of thread,particularly when doing hand worked stitcheries, and in her case,utilising those snippets when only a very short length of thread is required.
What has this got to do with fabric postcards you ask?
Well,why not use those threads offcuts to create a different background for a PC?
Lay them on a piece of homespun,whatever lay the threads in a light mesh and randomly FME or stipple quilt over them to hold in position;
or layer fine tulle over the threads to stabilise them.
You can go multicoloured,or get artistically picky and stick to shades of one colour.

Another friend,LynH scurries around during our workshops,"liberating" tiny scraps of fabric that have a heat fusible backing:
these she uses as required when she wants a confetti effect,instead of needing to mutilate good fabric for the purpose!

Now those of you with younger children underfoot...there's a fun chore for them: picking up and saving "treasures for Mum" and helping tidy up without realising!

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