Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day 40


I found an item of interest over on Cramzy's blog concerning an upcoming event in Lugano,Switzerland in June 1-3,2007.
Apart from it being the first Quilt festival in Switzerland,they are hoping for postcards to be donated for fundraising for "Vivere come prima" Society ('Living as before') a Swiss society for women after breast cancer.

Sign your card on the back with a pigma pen,showing your name,city and country;
The title and date of your postcard
Put your card(s) in envelope and address to:

Bea Bernasconi
Via Navree 5, CH-6964
Davesco-Soragno (for names A-L) email for info:

for names M-Z, send to:
Marlis Egger,
Via Nava 16 C,
CH- 6963 Pregassona



Helen in the UK said...

This link didn't work for me either. Please could you post the webaddress so I can check it out - sounds interesting. Thanks.

emmyschoonbeek said...

hello maureen
this is the website where you can find every info
I hope this wil work