Friday, September 29, 2006

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day 42


Paper piecing
Have you thought of using paper foundation piecing for constructing your postcard?
I haven't mentioned it before because I have not mastered it myself.
But talking of swapping postcards with Katie of and the draft of a sunset she sent me, made me think "Why not?"

So please,if you have any tips to share please do!

Some things I do know about paper foundation piecing are
1.. to use a very small stitch length
2..Trace or photocopy your pattern,and then using a threadless machine stitch along the lines.
3..Follow the number sequence on the pattern and start with piece #1 wrong side up on your cutting board;then place your pattern (facing upwards)over the #1 fabric piece.
Centre pattern over fabric with a generous seam allowance all round.
Although you can use small pieces and not worry about grain,use a piece that is at least 3/4 inch larger all round than is required.
The rest is a flip and sew and trim method..........
The external Link should explain far more clearly than me........go to it!


Helen in the UK said...

The links still aren't working :(

Haven't used paper piecing on a postcard .... yet. But I have used it quite a bit on ATCs. The best thing, for me, is that you don't have to worry about removing the foundation paper or the extra weight of foundation fabric when using for ATCs or PCs!! Love the technique, but hate removing the paper. There are lots of great patterns on the net if you search and can be scaled up/down as needed :)

Anonymous said...

sounds great! why a threadless machine for going over the lines...ahhhhh, it's so you can see from both sides...silly me.....and such a good idea too, i always just pieced from the pattern side and had to hold the thing up to strong light to see if the fabric was in the right, this might just be the ticket!